Monday, June 21, 2010

California: Going home

These were the last pics taken when we arrived in Chicago on Saturday. It was a long trip, but a memorable one. A lot of first times for Kingston. First time on a plane, first time in California, first time at the ocean, first time at a Disney themed park, first time at a wedding, first time showing off his awesome dance skills. We had a lot of fun, hopefully we'll go back someday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

California: The Reception

Well this was my favorite part of the whole trip. And I think Kingston's too. Although we were a little impatient to start. We got there at about 4:00, took some pictures and waited inside at our table for things to begin. The Reception line started at 5:30 and then the polynesian dancers started at 6:30. They were an awesome group and very entertaining. They called for some volunteers and dad being the brave man that he is went up there and I thought had the best dance moves out of everybody. It was hilarious. After that Sean and Christy had their first dance and then Christy danced with her dad and Sean danced with mom. Very emotional. They danced to What a Wonderful World. They had a little photo slideshow playing on two large screens, that was pretty cool. After the dances we ate. The food was Hawaiian and it was oh so good. They cut the cake and threw the bouquet and garter and then it was just a dance party after that. Kingston was soooo funny. He was dancing out on the dance floor pretty much the rest of the night. He had a circle around him and was going crazy. It was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. It was a great reception, the best I've ever been to. It was classy and lots of fun. So here are the pics of the event. Enjoy.
Kingston getting the attention of the bridesmaids
Kington shaking what is mama gave him!
Here is he doing his thing

Check out those moves!

Kingston on the dance floor

Going crazy with Ashley

Ashley taking the lead
Ashley and Kingston going at it
Dance off
he makes Fred Astaire look bad
Kingston was really excited to see Ashley
he played coy at first

feeding each other the cake

Sean and mom's dance
their first dance as a married couple, it was so sweet

they received a special hawaiian wedding dance

Sean showing off his tahitian dance moves
getting a little tahitian dance lesson

Dad showing off his moves

the tahitian dance
the poi ball dance
the haka!
a hawaiian dance
the first hawaiian dance with hawaiian instruments
the wedding cake, I loved the silver and diamond studded hearts on top
one of the family tables

California: Wedding Pics

Here are some of the unprofessional pics that were taken during the taking of the wedding photos. Kingston was very impatient along with his mother. Next step-the reception.

California: Newport Temple

These pics were taken at Newport Temple after the ceremony. Kingston met up with Ashley and they were pretty much inseparable after that. They had fun running around and playing together. Christy looked beautiful and her bridesmaid dresses were so cute. Sean and Christy looked very happy and the temple was gorgeous.

California: Rehearsal Dinner

These pictures were taken on Thursday night during the rehearsal dinner at Ruby's Diner. A hamburger joint which was quite tasty. It was a really fun atmosphere. We ate on the top of the restaurant that looked out at the ocean. During dinner we saw dolphins swimming alongside a boat, it was really awesome.

Kingston and I in front of Ruby's, with his blankie in tow.
Looking out from the pier at the shoreline.
Waiting for everyone to arrive.
The happy couple and their wedding line.
Sunset on the beach
Kingston playing Peekaboo under his blankie
Kingston with Uncle Sean
Kingston joins the line crew

California: The Davis House

I didn't get many pictures of the house, I didn't want to look like a wierdo. But here's Kingston playing with Missy, their dog and with some of Peter's old toys. He just made himself at home.